Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ecstasy Cards - Embellishments

I was lucky enough to get a sample of some really cute bears from Ecstasy Crafts. Typically, these are used by card makers to develop some fast and beautiful card work. Since I am more of a scrapper than a card maker, I thought I would try to use these in a scrap layout instead!

These are incredibly easy to work with. They come on all printed out on a single sheet of glossy paper. The pieces are perforated, and they pop out with very little effort - even the little ones! The edges are perfect - not like some die cuts where you have to trim off the little pieces where they were attached to the main sheet! I used foam dots to 'lift' the various pieces up off of the piece below it. This was like doing a paint-by-number. I started with the base piece, which included the pretty blue snow background, and added each piece sequentially, overlapping as needed. I tried to take a picture from the front so you could see how many layers each bear has.

I used paper I already had in my stash to set up the base layouts. I prefer symmetry in my work, so each side had the same size papers. The two bear paper piecings came on a single sheet that had a lovely matching strip of paper that resembles ribbon. I cut it in half and used each piece to accent the bears. Finally, I used some glitter Prima flowers to add some bling to my page and a simple Merry Christmas cutout to give my page a title.

So if you get a chance - try out the new Ecstasy products for fast, easy and beautiful projects!