Monday, February 1, 2010

Keeping Up...

You know...saying you're going to make a blog...and actually DOING it...are two really different things!

I was given the honor, back in December, of joining the Cutter's Creek Design Team. It forces me to be much more creative during the month - which is a good thing. It also requires me to actually take pictures of my creations, so they can be posted on the design team blog! But alas...I haven't been posting them here. I promise to try to get better at that!

One of the really NICE things about blogging, is that you can share some other really great blog addresses with all of your followers! Here's a new one for you to look at today: She is giving away some really nice BLOG CANDY...which I think is an awesome way to thank those that care to leave comments and post messages! Hmm...I think I need to give away some blog candy soon too - to remind me to do more blogging! :)

Happy Crafting!

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