Friday, February 5, 2010

My *NEW* Favorite Ink

I have to say...I have never really paid attention when people start chatting on the groups and boards about various types of stamping inks/inkpads. Really...I thought...Ink is Ink...what difference does it make? Wow, was I ever wrong!

I recently became the owner of a single, black Memento Ink go along with my Copic markers and Prism papers. Today, I was stamping a bunch of images to send to a pal as a gift...something that I tend to put off as a 'chore' because it is so tedious. You know the drill...clean up your space...pull out the stamps...the ink...the paper...the cleaners...the paper towels...all that preparation!! Then...STAMP...clean...dry...STAMP...clean...dry... UGH!! But you know what? Doing it with the Memento Ink was AMAZING! The stamps came out so neatly...and then one single stamp on a wet paper towel and POOF! - the stamp was clean! This ink goes on SO WELL that most of the ink lands on the paper and doesn't leave much behind on the stamp to clean off!

All these items can be purchased at my favorite online store: - go check out all the stamps and accessories Kim has to offer!!

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